EN VOGUE The Leading Hair & Beauty Group - Zurich, Moscow

For more than three decades, En Vogue Coiffure has stood for sophisticated hairstyling. Modern haircuts are the signature of this internationally oriented enterprise. Personalities from around the world value our renowned salons.

The art of cutting hair is very old, and yet always subject to the changes of time. Both cultures and personalities have constantly had a varied effect on our profession. It is exactly this variety and diversity that keeps our curiosity alive. We incorporate this philosophy at all our branches.

Fashion is a large part of our work; personalities often come to us because they need a new look and because we are responsible for their new image. We also help design fashion shows and television broadcasts.

Our profession is one of the best there is. Its art lies in creating something new from something nonexistent. Trend alone is not enough: people, their disposition and their environment are just as important. Much is predefined by nature and we still have much to learn from it. This change in thinking already started long ago!

We are looking forward to welcoming you in one of our establishments very soon.

Claudio Tollardo