Dye is a necessity for many women to hide their grey hair, and for others, just a way of changing their looks. There are few females that don’t dye their hair at some point in their lives.

And if we speak about dyes, the trend, that was already in the last season and still this year 2017, are streaks and degraded tones.

The uniform colour went down in history, as well as the thick, artificial, highly visible streaks.

From now on what is gaining prominence in the beauty market, is the naturalness of the hair. Streaks balayages are triumphying amoung the famous people. If some years ago the trendy hairstyle was California streaks, now the balayage raze among celebrities.

The result of a balayage is much more natural, because they are made with a brush and freehand technique (no foil or meche are used to creat the highlights).

Within the balayage there are different versions: babylights (small and ultra thin streaks), ombré (the color is fading from the root to the tip), shatush (the roots are more obscure than the others, almost the same like the Californian but with a more natural effect), sunkiss (get lighten your color 2-3 shades to provide more light)…

Which one suits you better?

Come and make us know which one! We are waiting for you in

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