With his Dyson Supersonic the international company Dyson has reinvented the hair dryer concept. They have considered every function and feature of a blow-dryer in order to re-thought the hair dryer design.

Dyson Supersonic never feels hot on the scalp as so many dryers do, is easy to use, has great attachments and delivers voluminous and shiny hair in super quick time.

The motor is small but very powerful: it dries hair quickly and feels light in the hand.

It is six times quicker than other hair dryers and combined with the new technology it generates high velocity airflow for a fast drying. The high-pressure and high-velocity jet of air exits the amplifier, indeed tripling airflow.

For shine and healthy hair the air temperature is measured 20 times every second, in order to keep it under control and protect your hair from extreme heat damage.

Dyson Supersonic is also engineered for reducing the weight and producing low noise. The design of the hairdryer has been completely rebalanced to prevent strain and make it confortable in the hands. The motor is located in the handle and insulated in order to make it balanced and quiet.

This amazing hairdryer has 3 different accessories for all type of hair and hairstyles. A smoothing nozzle for blow-drying and styling hair at the same time, a styling concentrator for shaping hair one section at a time and a diffuser that prevent frizz and improve definition for natural dried hair.

Dyson Supersonic has only four buttons for a modern and clean design. Three speeds setting for fast drying, regular drying and styling and four heats setting for every kind of needs.

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